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Educational Technology Massive Open Online Course (ETMOOC), January 13–March 30, 2013. Course design, facilitation, co-lead, logistics and development of learning resource supports. This course was developed to help educators and learners gather, discuss and connect over various current educational technology topics.

Your Online Self: Preparing for a Connectivist MOOC, August 2012. This wiki was developed to help reduce technological and social barriers that may be encountered by new learners to connectivist MOOCs. 

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Personal Learning Networks: Knowledge Sharing as Democracy, Hybrid Pedagogy, January 3, 2013

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K–12 Peeragogy (Editor), Peeragogy Handbook, October 9, 2012


“Developing Digital Voice in Open, Online Learning Environments” Teaching and Learning to the Power of Technology (#TLt2013) May 1–3, 2013, Saskatoon, SK, Canada: Making IT Mainstream: Everybody’s Doing IT

Guest Panelist, Master’s Program in Organizational Learning and Change course MSLOC 430: Creating and Sharing Knowledge, Northwestern University, February 28, 2013, Chicago, IL, USA

“Postmodern Theory and Public Opinion: Coping with Classroom Clashes” Professional and Organizational Development Networks in Higher Education: Culture, Communication, Créativité, November 4–7, 2004, Montreal, QC, Canada